NoblyDoc ensures easy archiving across systems

With NoblyDoc, it will be possible to collect material from third parties, so you have direct access to physical scans, laboratory systems, digital photo material and the likes. The solution supports automatic classification of information and validation of key data such as CPR. NoblyDoc stores documents in OnBase, which integrates with both the EHR and the Health Platform.

Integration with several systems

NoblyDoc is a decentralized solution where healthcare professionals can collect material from multiple sources and scan them so that the documents become available across departments through integration with OnBase and EPR or the Health Platform.

Digitalization and automation minimize errors

Doctors, nurses and secretaries receive large amounts of material every day, which they want to archive. With the Fotocapture tool in NoblyDoc, staff can easily send an email or document to the EHR or the Health Platform, where CPR is automatically verified.

NoblyDoc also ensures that incorrectly entered data is verified by allowing the user to view and correct the scanned material. At the same time, NoblyDoc ensures compliance with the Personal Data Regulation (GDPR), so that legal requirements are always maintained in the processing of personal sensitive information.

Benefits of NoblyDoc

Improves patient care by ensuring access to all necessary documents and the overview of information that helps healthcare professionals make the right decision about patient care.

Removes papers and physical archiving and provides easy and quick access to information and documents on the individual patient, thus minimizing manual workflows.

Automates workflows through an efficient and user-friendly system, which provides more time for the individual patient.

Specialists in digital archiving

If you want to digitalize and automate the processes with document archiving, NoblyDoc is an obvious choice. At Nobly, we are experts in the development, integration, and operation of IT-systems for the healthcare system. Let us therefore help you on the right path so that you can wave goodbye to physical archiving and resource-heavy manual processes.

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